NAKAMA was founded in 2010. 

It is based on the principles to be more than what you want to be and to question everything.

Don't just listen to what you are told. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. 

Company + Policy:

Don't ask for sponsorship. Don't complain about prices. 

NAKAMA is self funded-Yea, we could get investors (and they have approached us) but where's the fun in that? We like to play by our own rules and answer to nobody. So respect the business and understand that this shit is expensive yo! Economics. 

We don't like playing that hype game. We just want to offer unique, well thought out designs that speak on a more conscious level and reflect our lifestyles, interests and artistic abilities. So if you're down with that, support the brand because you like it. Wear it and show it off. 

NAKAMA is a bespoke company. Meaning, all garments are made to order. We do not hold inventory. All garments will be made once ordered. Bags are limited in quantity. First come, first serve.

We are also shipping from an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean + we have to take care of our staff so shipping prices are reflected.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 

All Sales Are Final - But if we fuck up, then we'll take care of you. 

HAWAII homies can pick up orders w/out paying for shipping, just give us a contact prior to ordering and we'll let you know how.